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The Renaissance Chick

A Little of This and a Little of That


Eccentric Cosplayer. Writer. Photographer. Model. Actress. Gluten Free Vegan...Elven Inquisitor?

V et ses Envies

Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle.... Everything that is me

La Mad Chic

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Julia Linn

Style is timeless

LouLou' Star Fashions

All the latest fashions you must see, the new trends you should know about, high fashion to die for and to dream about. Trendy outfits and fashionable accessories, shoes, hair, people... that can inspire your look. Learn about timeless styles, discover "beauty secrets" of the fashion world...all those things I call "Star Fashion" that's what you'll found here because I believe that if you add a little "Star Fashion" to your look, to your wardrobe and to your attitude not only will you look fashionable but you will feel more confident. With a dose of "Star Fashion" you will feel and look like a real super Star!!

The New Mrs. Hamilton

Fashion, Lifestyle, Films

All That Glitters

A little bit of fashion, a little bit of life, a little bit of DIY, a lot of fun.

Wanna Be Chic

by Bianca Araujo

Everyday Sparkle

For the little things in life.

Nag note.

the only snag is that she nags.

Pink Elephant Blog.

Irish Beauty Blog with an eye for all things Beauty, Fashion & Life